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Numeracy Challenge

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The site aims to help adults brush up without pressure on the numeracy skills which are needed in work and everyday life.

Signing up gives you the chance to find out what your skill level is, practise some of the things you find difficult and access online learning resources at the right level for you.

You can log in and out at any time and save your progress as you go. Your activity on the site is confidential.

We hope that you will join us and start your journey to confidence with numbers. Register here: 


Parental Engagement

Fairway is fortunate to be working with the charity National Numeracy to support parental engagement in maths learning. We hope that you have enjoyed working with your children on their Family Maths activities and scrapbooks as part of the project.

Many adults feel daunted by using maths in everyday life and experience anxiety when helping their children with their homework.

That’s why we are encouraging all parents and carers to have a go at National Numeracy’s free and easy-to-use website, the National Numeracy Challenge.


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